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Mexico City, Mexico • April 23th – 30th, 2023 – PART 1

Hello all! This is Cousin Meredith - Jono’s guest blogger and travel buddy.

A fun fact about me is that I am the only person to have officially joined Jono on his remote work journey in his 2 years on the road. Last year I accompanied him on one of his many forays into the Great North, and this year I’m joining him as he flys south to Mexico.
We got to CDMX (that’s what locals call Mexico City) on Sunday evening. Upon checking into our massive AirBNB (Jono wanted a big one so we could both work from it), we ventured out for tacos. While Jono’s focus during his travels is mainly on mountain biking, mine is primarily on food, and El Califa was the first taco shop on my list, thanks to many recommendations! We got 3 rounds of tacos, trying as many different things on the menu as we could, and while they were all amazing, the standout to me was the nopales (cactus). After all that eating, we decided to eat some more and we walked a few blocks to Chucherria El Moro - a churro shop that also has garnered much acclaim. Get the frozen Mexican hot chocolate. 
On Monday, we worked - Jono is launching something exciting and new at work (ripcord.com) so he’s been quite occupied, which has allowed me some free time to paint and read outside of my working hours. For lunch we stepped out to Taqueria Selene which is just around the corner. Delicious pastor con queso tacos. 

After Jono wrapped up, we headed to Lardo, another rec from my various sources. Again, we tried a bit of everything, checking out a bunch of fun (but not very Mexican) dishes. Despite doing our best to drag out our meals, we can’t seem to eat as slowly as the locals, so in lieu of calling it an early night, we headed to Toledo Rooftop for drinks (by drinks, I mean mezcal for me and water for Jono) and a delicious pan de elote dessert.
Stay tuned for some more CDMX culinary updates here on wheresjono.com, and let me know of any shops where I can buy him a button down.

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  1. You are awesome ❤️

  2. Love it and love both of you❤️❤️❤️

  3. MerMer. Awesome post. Made me hungry !

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