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Black Canyon, Arizona • Apr 1st, 2023

On my way to Sedona I stopped by Black Canyon to stretch my legs. Although the trails were some of my favorite type of cross country, I spent most the ride in a whole other world. I was deep in thought on how we can use ChatGPT to completely re-define our document management platform at work. By the end of the ride I had a good picture of what we needed and was determined to make some big changes. Stay tuned in a few months to see if that works out :)
The whole Black Canyon trail is 80 miles long, but I just did a 30 mile out and back in the middle of it. Most of it was gravely and smooth with some chunky parts to keep me on my toes. I felt most at risk when I had to walk around a bull hanging out with his cow friends. 

When I was almost back to the car I came across the most wild flowers I've ever seen. It was pretty neat to see those amongst the cacti and rocks. 

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